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Biometrics collection outside Canada

Temporary residents in Canada are no longer required to submit their biometrics in their applications, the Canadian government informed. The decision came after many applications were left pending due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Biometrics exemption for permanent residence applicants who have given biometrics within the last 10 years.

As a temporary measure, you’re exempt from giving biometrics if you are now applying or have already applied for permanent residence from in or outside Canada

have already given your biometrics within the last 10 years

Biometric fee

You don’t have to pay the biometric fee when you submit your application, even if the system tells you to pay it.

If you paid the fee, we’ll automatically refund it once we finalize your application.

Extension of biometrics deadline for permanent residence applicants who have not given biometrics within the last 10 years

If the biometrics collection site closest to you is closed, we’ll automatically extend your deadline to give your biometrics.

You don’t have to give your biometrics until the sites start offering collection services again. This applies to you, even if your biometrics instruction letter (BIL) says you have 30 or 90 days.

You don’t have to contact us for this extension, and you don’t need a new BIL to make another appointment when sites reopen. Bring your original BIL to your new appointment to show proof of payment.

If you have a biometrics appointment scheduled

at a VAC—the VAC will tell you if your appointment is cancelled

at a US ASC—some ASCs are starting to reopen

As biometrics collection resumes, you’ll have to make a new appointment at a VAC or ASC. You won’t need a new BIL. Check the VAC or ASC website the day of your appointment to make sure it’s open.

When biometrics collection resumes

When biometrics collection services resume, you can give your biometrics, even if you can’t travel to Canada yet. VACs and ASCs are starting to reopen slowly.

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