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LMIA and a Work Permit Exemptions

Most job positions and foreigners require an LMIA and a Work Permit, others only require a work permit, and some do not require a work permit at all.

LMIA Exempt Jobs & Foreigners

There are cases where a positive LMIA is not required in order to be eligible to apply for a work permit.

The following categories are exempt from requiring a positive LMIA- a work permit can be obtained without one.

International Agreements (NAFTA, CETA, GATS, Canada-Columbia FTA, Canada-Peru FTA) Global Talent Stream Entrepreneurs/Self-Employed Candidates Intra-Company Transferees International Exchange Programs Spouse and Dependents Of Foreign Workers French-Speaking Skilled Workers Religous Workers Academics Provincial LMIA Exemptions

Note: Being exempt from obtaining a LMIA does not mean the individual is exempt from obtaining a work permit. All streams on the LMIA exemption list still require the individual to obtain a work permit to work in Canada legally.

Work without a permit There are several occupations and situations where a foreigner is allowed to work without a Work Permit.

The occupations in this category are: Athletes and team members Aviation accident or incident inspector Business visitor Civil aviation inspector Clergy Convention organizers Crew Emergency service providers Examiners and evaluators Expert witnesses or investigators Foreign government officers Foreign representatives and Family members of foreign representatives Health care students Implied status Judges, referees and similar officials Military personnel News reporters, media crews On-campus employment and some Off-campus work Performing artists Public speakers

Contact us for more information about working in Canada or for assistance in applying for work permit.

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